Ripe Pinot Noir grapes

Pinot Noir and The Beetle in a Burgundy vineyard

Take a walk in any vineyard on your wine travels and it can be surprising what you see, not just the grapes, but also insects, birds, butterflies all signs of a healthy and possibly biodynamic approach to winemaking. Advertisements

Yellow splash photography at Paddington Station

Paddington Railway Station with Yellow Splash!

Something for the weekend for my eclectic and diversity focused followers. Having an interest in splash photography opens one’s eyes (pun intended) to the detailed content of what a photographer sees through the lens, especially in terms of colour. It… Read More ›

Splash Saturday: Buddha and a Tapas Bar!

Coloursplash photography editing to compare images from the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai and a tapas bar in Madrid with Red as the colour filtered IN.

Prague wedding and astronomical clock

Wordpress Photochallenge: A wedding in Prague

It was our first visit to Prague, combined with a week in Budapest. I got up early to walk around the old city centre avoiding the later crowds of stag and hen parties which dominate this city at weekends. Crossing… Read More ›

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