Take a good look at the two people who undoubtedly have suffered a lot of abuse in recent times. One of them is a white, privately educated male; the other is a non-white highly educated female. Quite easy to distinguish between them from the photos.
The reasons for the abuse hurled at them are not relevant, but the interpretation of the abuse and the official response to it is extremely relevant to our country and society.
One of them states “if I were white and male I would NOT be subjected to this kind and level of abuse” which is clearly not the case, Mr Farage having received and continuing to receive more abuse than any UK politician in living memory. In addition so far 8 people have been arrested in connection with Ms Miller’s abuse but I don’t recall reading of any similar arrests related to Mr Farage?
Now, don’t get me wrong I do not condone ANY abuse of this nature whoever it’s thrown at, but like many others I am sick and tired of these left wing libtard cultural marxists acting like they own the moral high ground, that they have the right to brand everyone else whose views they disagree with as racist, homophobic, misogynistic and fascist, whilst acting in a totalitarian manner themselves.
Ms Miller should be respected for her battle in the courts which took some courage, she should be protected from the abuse as should Mr Farage, but she should be absolutely ridiculed for her view that she would not have been abused if she were a white male!