“Congressmen who willfully take action during wartime that damages morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hung”
Abraham Lincoln

The UK Supreme Court ruled that the people’s decision on leaving the EU was only advisory and now required a vote in Parliament to trigger Article 50. As a knuckledragging racist fascist who is uneducated, selfish, and uncaring about the youth of today (!) I accepted that as part of our democracy this was necessary, though I didn’t agree with it. Last night 114 MPs voted AGAINST the Bill, which many claimed on the grounds of supporting the voice of their constituents. But that ignores the voice of the nation overall which no matter how you cut the figures was a referendum vote in favour of leaving the EU. But no matter, I respect the conscience of these MPs who voted against which was the entire party membership of the SNP, the LibDems and Plaid Cymru, plus around 47 Labour Party rebels.

TreasonBut, now, you’ve had your chance, you didn’t accept that the referendum was binding, but you LOST the parliamentary vote. What will you do next week? Will you now accept the will of parliament, will you support the government, will you accept that the majority of British citizens do not want open borders so membership of the single market is a non sequitur? Or will you rant and rave about we knuckledragging racists, about amendment after amendment, about needing further referenda on the terms, about how Scotland want “out”? I think we all know what’s coming Mr Clarke, Ms Sturgeon, Mr Fallon as you now willfully take action that damages the morale of the nation, that sabotages our position of strength with the EU. Where is Cromwell when you need him!