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More of a few important issues NOT on the ABBC.

No wonder Brits are scared to say what they think! OAP banned in clock row over migrants. The man who helped save the iconic railway clock from the classic film Brief Encounter has been banned from Carnforth railway station where it hangs because of an alleged race row. Any chance of some human rights lawyers taking up the case of this poor old man?Thought not!


EU demand £49 billion Brexit pay off
In another sign that those in Brussels have utterly lost the plot, they are set to request £billions from British taxpayers before the UK leaves the failing bloc. The figure is reportedly being bandied about by Michel Barnier the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator and shows just how detached from reality the EU has become.


UKIP’s Paul Nuttall forced to move house.
In a shocking indictment as to the level of bully boy tactics being directed towards UKIP’s Paul Nuttall during the Stoke by-election, the UKIP Leader has been forced to change address. Police investigating? Any arrests? On the ABBC? Thought not.