Galileo's daughter I recently read a most interesting book, Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobell which charted the life of Galileo through letters to/from his daughter who spent all her adult life in a convent. Recognised today as a great pre-Newton philosopher, mathematician and astronomer, the book describes many of his battles with the Catholic Church and its supporters to gain acceptance for his sun centric view of our solar system. The church’s view at that time was of the sun revolving around the earth based on scripture interpretation and that all else was heresy.

O Lord my God, Thou art great indeed… Thou fixed the Earth upon its foundation, not to be moved for ever. PSALM 104: I, 5

The original view of Copernicus prior to Galileo, was to overturn the Aristotelian view such that:The Sun is the centre of the world, and consequently is immobile of local motion. Cardinals then debated Galileo’s view as to whether the sun moved around the earth, or the earth moved around the sun. Ignoring Galileo’s observation data the unanimous verdict of the panel pronounced the idea that the sun was at “the centre of our world/solar system” not only ‘formally heretical’, in that it directly contradicted Holy Scripture, but also ‘foolish and absurd’ in philosophy.
The following week the Congregation of the Index published a proclamation stating the official position on Copernican/Galilean astronomy –namely, that it was ‘false and contrary to Holy Scripture’. The decree also named names and called for action. It suspended Copernicus’s book until corrections were made in it, ‘so that this opinion may not spread any further to the prejudice of Catholic truth’.

Galileo then wrote in private correspondence to one of his students and his daughter:
They are showing a greater fondness for their own opinions than for truth, they… hurled various charges and published numerous writings filled with vain arguments ……Galileo

He was eventually tried by the Inquisition, forced to withdraw his views and lived the rest of his life under house arrest just because he dared to go against scripture and actually prove that the earth moved around the sun.

Science or scripture

Now, in case you are incredulous or merely laughing at such ignorance or nonsense even though from almost 500 years ago …… this type of “anti scientific evidence belief” persists to this day! Try googling for schools that refuse to teach evolution theory or Darwinism in science. You will find that they are mainly faith based schools, public and private, predominantly in the USA in the western world. They are in the UK too and comprise both Christian and Islamic faith schools focusing on and exclusively teaching creationism: on a number of occasions the UK Department of Education has instructed these schools to conform to the approved curriculum or have funding cut off. But …. don’t hold your breath!
To my mind this is indoctrination and has no place in any school, of any faith, in any country. Children should be shown options at least so that those who want to become scientists or doctors for example can at least understand evolutionary biology and have a sound basis for the study and practice of their chosen profession. Isn’t this also part of “globalism” and worth protesting about?