A report from Westmonster who are rapidly becoming the only website to be trusted for anything positive happening in U.K. politics, showing up the farce that has become of the BBC, now a national disgrace.

The BBC aired a documentary last night about Brexit focusing on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead but they forgot to include Nigel Farage or UKIP.

In fact, the hour-long special, hosted by Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg failed to mention UKIP at all, not even as a passing reference.

There were, however, long interviews with Nicola Sturgeon to discuss her favourite topic, independence and a puff piece with Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron where he tries to educate locals in Doncaster on why they were wrong to vote leave and should vote again in another referendum just to be sure.

The antics of the BBC sicken me and many like me. They are a media institution funded by British taxpayers and supposed to be an independent voice and broadcaster, but they repeatedly show their left wing bias and demonstrate that they are riddled with cultural marxists at the top, and with harpies like Kuensberg on screen. It’s time for a complete review of them, root and branch, and for interviewees like Boris et al to let rip at these sanctimonious virtue signallers who are undermining our society by the hour.