{Power outage in San Francisco}

Today, Friday, has been a very strange day! Breakfast at Tad’s Steakhouse off Union Square was a full American swiftly followed by a mass power outage at 9am that left 100,000 homes without electricity and the whole of central San Francisco without power. Shops, restaurants, coffee bars, diners all closed their doors …….. Which remained closed till power returned at around 3pm. By that time the news had spread that Los Angeles and New York City had suffered similar outages described as “a coincidence”!
This ruined our plans for the day with the major part being to visit the Museum of Asian Art.
As well as the closures mentioned, offices closed too with workers scrambling for taxis as the electric trams and cable cars stopped working or just sitting out in the sunshine of Union Square and surrounds. We sat in the Square for hours too and took a few “street photos”. Hope you like them. Tomorrow an early start to our rail journey to Merced for Yosemite national park.