Surrealism in Vegas!

This has to be the most surreal place we have ever visited, like a virtual reality city where you enter a Hotel-Casino to be transported to another place, another time. In a group of around 30 seasoned travellers on a Trans USA rail trip it seems that not one person has any affection for the place other than as a pit stop en route towards New York over the next 15 days.
The two photos here sum up for us a lot of what is wrong in the Western world at present. The first, the frontage of Luxor with its Needle, Pyramid and Sphinx taking you to Egypt of 2500 years ago. The second in a gravel waste area opposite Luxor two homeless men wake up from their version of an all-nighter and share a bottle.
Now, lets add some thoughts to this:
  • Which presidential candidate promised to help these US citizens more, some of whom are US veterans?
  • Where is the focus of all of the demobstrations in the US related to the plight of these people?
  • How can any nation give “aid” to countries with their own space programmes and nuclear arsenals when the have their own citizens living like this?
  • How can this even be tolerated in recently visited cities like Vegas and San Francisco?