Camera across America #3 The Grand Canyon


A Day at Grand Canyon

Visiting the Grand Canyon has been an ambition of Dr C since we first met as young students almost 50 years ago. Coming from Kathmandu and being surrounded by the Himalaya with soaring snow capped peaks, foaming white rivers and dramatic landscapes it has always been the “natural wonders” that have attracted her the most. It is only under sufferance that she follows me into galleries, museums and historical monuments. Having worked as an analytical chemist at the Nepal Bureau of Mines and being involved in national geological surveys has given her the knowledge to understand and a personal interest in these outdoor wonders; so better late than never we took the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams on the old historic Route 66 to “the end of the line”.
The rail journey takes about 2 hours in old reconstructed carriages, each with its own tour guide giving lots of information about the railroad and the surrounding area. There is a café car selling hot drinks, beers, wines, soft drinks as well as coffee, ice cream and a few hot snacks. You are constantly entertained by singing cowboys, cowboy comedians and the guide herself, Amber Rose!
Arriving at the Canyon there is a ramp or steps to get to the rim of the Canyon which goes in either direction for a few kilometres. Centrally there are old historic houses and a hotel, shops and cafes. But it is the Canyon itself that keeps drawing your eye, a true natural wonder of the world that had to wait only 50 years for a visit from Dr C!
Here’s an attempt at how Ansell Adams saw things 80 years ago: Click any gallery to expand it.

The Canyon

The Railroad

The Hopi


13 thoughts on “Camera across America #3 The Grand Canyon

  1. I need to go back and spend more time at the Grand Canyon. Taking the train there sounds like a great idea, thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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