The 7 Wonders of The World from any era is a talking point for most travellers. Many will have some of the modern Wonders in their bucket lists, as well as other UNESCO world heritage sites, and some travellers will even research various lists that have been compiled from antiquity to the present day.

But how many of us know that “The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” dates back to the 4th century BC and was actually based on guidebooks popular amongst Hellenic sightseers at the time! In fact the Greeks originally used the word “theamata” meaning sights, which was eventually changed to “thaumata” meaning Wonders. They chose the number 7 because in their culture it represented perfection and plenty which they also associated with their chosen Wonders.

Nowadays we have a great proliferation of such lists both global and local with even things like the Top Wonders of England, the Natural Wonders of England, the Wonders of Britain, which are clearly opinion based and resulting from media or online surveys. Then there are the more “official” lists such as Heritage Attractions in the UK or UK Heritage Sites for example. So this has got me thinking, “why not compile our own list?”. 

Now, we wouldn’t be so pretentious as to compile a world list, nor one for Europe or even the whole of the UK. But we DO know our own country, England, really well and can easily envisage the 7 Wonders, Natural and man made as the top Wonders of England. Our criteria are very simple, somewhat basic even

  1. Does it have that jaw dropping wow factor? 
  2. Does it make you think “how the heck did they do that”? 
  3. Is it one of a kind? 
  4. Does it make you want to go back, to see it again, to know more?

So here we go, the Two Doctors 7 Wonders of England in no specific order of rank, interest, age or cost:

1. Stonehenge


2. Hadrians Wall


3. Salisbury Cathedral


4. Eurotunnel


5. Ironbridge


6. The Shard


7. Wasdale

You may not agree with our choices but remember they are based on OUR own criteria. It was fun to make this list and we deliberately havent written descriptions of each Wonder, but they are easy to find. We hope we have encouraged you to create your own list for your own country, for the world, or just to comment on our choices for England. And in case the Scots and Welsh are a bit miffed, we quite like Crib Goch and Scara Brae!