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This week’s Blog Seat is occupied by Dave and Silvana who write on their blog, Roaming The Roads, a travel blog mostly full of guide articles that are well written, practical, interesting, and sometimes a bit weird. For example, “how much it costs to travel to Thailand” I’d put in the practical category, but “…the food of Thailand” was just weird. Interesting but weird. As a young couple they are attempting to make their way as full time writers, so do please visit their blog and support them. They have a good story to tell!

Introducing ourselves.

Hello all, our names are Dave and Silvana. We met last year in Brisbane Australia and fell in love through a mutual passion of wine, cheese and traveling. We have travelled together ever since and we are currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Silvana’s Home Country. I am from the north of England from a little working class town called Fleetwood, from which I escaped three years ago.

When we are not traveling, Silvana works in the financial sector in the city. Over the last few years of traveling around the world, I have had many jobs. My last being as a Painter in Brisbane. Now I have decided to focus my efforts on writing full time.

Our blog ….

Our blog is called Roaming the Roads. It is site dedicated to traveling, inspiring and educating others on how to travel the world. We wish to spread the message, that traveling is for everybody and is far less expensive than many people tend to think. If more of us traveled and learned about other cultures, this world would be a much happier place to live in. 

Our posts mainly consist of budget guides from our travels, food from around the world and blog posts from our weekly adventures. Although our blog is quite new, having only just recently decided to spread our thoughts and adventures, we are trying to post four or five times a week.

If we were to describe our blog as an animal, it would be a wandering Albatross, beautiful, majestic and born to travel the Earth.

Our favourite category …

My favourite category to write about is anything and everything to do with India. Before I met Silvana I spent 5 months traveling around that beautiful and spectacular place and it changed my life forever, instilling in me a deep passion for travel and a yearning to see every corner of our wonderful planet.

Silvana has a love of many different cultures, especially those of her home continent South America. She loves to write about all the different styles of music, food and ways of life on her continent. 

Our favourite post …

Like we said earlier, we are still in the first steps of building our blog and do not yet have many posts to choose from. Our favourites so far are a guide to budget travel in India, being a place that is close to my heart, and also an article we wrote about the most colourful street in the world, Caminito, La Boca.

Favourite blogs …

Silvana’s favourite blog is Drink Tea, and Travel. The name will tell you all you need to know. My favourite and one that I have followed for a long time is Goats on the Road, a blog about a couple who gave up their jobs and became full time travel writers. They are an inspiration to me and one day somebody I hope to emulate. A blog that we have both followed for a long time is Nomadic Matt, probably one of the most famous travel blogs around, he is another person who inspires both me and Silvana. 

Has blogging changed us …

As we have only just started out on our blogging adventure, we have not been changed in any significant way as of yet. Although with time and patience we hope that great changes are on the horizon. 

Advice to fellow bloggers …

Even though we do not feel that we have the authority to give advice, we would recommend patience, hard work, a will to inspire and a love of writing. With these objectives in mind, you will not go far wrong.

Anything else….

As we have only just set foot into this magical world that is the blogosphere, we would ask that all you inspirational people reach out and say hello and offer any advice that you might have to give. We hope to hear from you soon. Keep inspiring.