The blog Major Styles today provides a window into the mindset of left wing cultural Marxists and their infantile perception of Islamic terrorism. When mixed with a feminist agenda these people are a danger to democracy worldwide, and Major Styles provides a valuable service by writing about something the main stream media ignore or hide.

Major Styles

I’ve been to several Islamic countries: Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Malaysia. In addition, I’ve traveled to many areas that have been hit by Islamic terrorism: i.e. Southern Thailand, the Philippines (Palawan), most of Europe, etc. Also, I’ve actually read the Koran. So while I’m not an expert, I know more about Islam than the average liberal Westerner.

My experience has taught me this; Most Middle Easterners are decent people and their food is very good: kabobs, hummus, etc. However, there is a very real problem with terrorism. Moreover, the Middle East is, by and large, a depressing shit hole. The famed Arab “hospitality” is virtually non-existent; if anything, the Westerner has to worry about continually being scammed or even attacked. Overall, it’s a place of poverty, genital mutilation, and despair.

cairo You won’t find many left-wing hipsters in Cairo…

My perspective is very different from the Western liberal…

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