I guess we all read fellow bloggers posts for different reasons; seeking ideas or inspiration, finding something that confirms our own views or thoughts, topical tips, guidance on a place we are about to visit, learning, personal development, etc etc. In my experience however it is quite rare to come across a blog where you can find most if not all of these things, but Karabi’s blog “WhyTheZen” hits the spot! It’s a blog focusing on lifestyle and has posts ranging across Wellness, Personal Organisation, Travel, Food, DIY, Books …… but don’t think for one minute that it’s just a mish-mash of random thoughts; it isn’t! It is an exceptionally well organised and well written blog, a model in fact.
I found several posts I would like to Reblog, including a recent one on creating and using your own Bullet Journal, but I have settled on a post about Karabi visiting a local café near her home where she describes the décor, food, service, atmosphere and with some great photos. Why did I choose this post? Because it completely resonates with our own philosophy to “Travel Local” as well as taking the big trips, so do read the post and follow Karabi’s blog.