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Don’t go searching too far…

I guess we all read fellow bloggers posts for different reasons; seeking ideas or inspiration, finding something that confirms our own views or thoughts, topical tips, guidance on a place we are about to visit, learning, personal development, etc etc. In my experience however it is quite rare to come across a blog where you can find most if not all of these things, but Karabi’s blog “WhyTheZen” hits the spot! It’s a blog focusing on lifestyle and has posts ranging across Wellness, Personal Organisation, Travel, Food, DIY, Books …… but don’t think for one minute that it’s just a mish-mash of random thoughts; it isn’t! It is an exceptionally well organised and well written blog, a model in fact.
I found several posts I would like to Reblog, including a recent one on creating and using your own Bullet Journal, but I have settled on a post about Karabi visiting a local café near her home where she describes the décor, food, service, atmosphere and with some great photos. Why did I choose this post? Because it completely resonates with our own philosophy to “Travel Local” as well as taking the big trips, so do read the post and follow Karabi’s blog.

I want the Zen Life


I keep reading these articles on how we should shun foreign destinations because there are so many beautiful places we can visit closer to home. I didn’t realize this would turn out to be so true for me this Friday evening. I came across this quaint cafe which is just a stone’s throw from my house, and I couldn’t help but wonder why I hadn’t seen it before. 

I’m talking about “Rose Cafe” in Saket in Delhi. I’m going to keep my article super short today because I think the pictures will be enough to entice you to pay a visit to this cafe this weekend. So, how did we end up finding it? Alright, I won’t take credit for this. My husband happened to find this place because we wanted to try out a new restaurant on Friday evening. I just sat lazily and said we should order in…

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One thought on “Don’t go searching too far…

  1. Thanks Brian! Glad my blog has been helpful to you, and hope it is for all your other readers as well!


    Posted by karabimitra | June 15, 2017, 13:23

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