A simple plant grows, blossoms, creates seeds which are borne on the wind as the plant dies. The seed lands, germinates, grows, blossoms ….. you get the picture! This is Transient Nature, the life cycle of a plant, but it’s a “universal law” of human life too and a central tenet of Buddhism with IMPERMANENCE being an element of one of the Four Noble Truths.  We cling to things which have no permanence, everything in our lives is constantly changing, friendships, careers, relationships, the weather, governments, laws, and then we become dissatisfied when we cannot keep what we had! In fact the whole universe is in a state of transience, where science uses the term “entropy” from the original Greek word entropia meaning transformation; simplistically the universe and everything in it is moving towards a greater state of disorder.

So, understand the universality of Transience, accept it, embrace it even for a more peaceful and satisfying life, completely free of the expectation of everything staying the same.

 Impermanence is a principle of harmony, don’t struggle against it, and you will be in harmony with reality.