This week’s Blog Seat is occupied by Karabi Mitra who writes the blog “I want The Zen Life” http://www.whythezen.wordpress.com, a lifestyle blog of great variety. Do pay a visit and support.

  • Introducing myself….

Hi everyone, I’m Karabi from India. I’m currently working as a strategy consultant, and I love my work. It gives me the chance to solve complicated problems, brain-storm and meet a whole lot of interesting people. Along with our jobs, I believe it’s important to also work on improving our lifestyle, because we can all be better at what we do and how we live! I love staying fit, inculcating healthy habits and making time for my hobbies.To really be happy, I’ve seen that I must visit new places frequently, I have to read a lot, and I have to focus on my writing and music. I also want to make time for my family and friends. 

  • My blog ….

 “I want the zen life” is a lifestyle blog and my primary motivation for starting this lifestyle blog was to focus on all the aspects in my life which makes me happy, and to try and make time for them even if I’m super caught up with work. I think it’s important to focus on my health, make time for my hobbies and travel around as much as I can. This blog’s just about staying sane in this crazy world, taking better care of yourself and trying to slowly improve your lifestyle so that you’re happier in the long run. It’s about trying to find your inner “zen” assuming that things will continue at a hectic pace. 

  • My favourite post category …

My favourite post category is “Soul-Searching” which is all about understanding emotions, improving habits and becoming a better and happier person. 

  • My favourite posts …..

Personal Development and Instant Gratification

  • Favourite blogs …

A Beautiful Mess. and Nomadic Matt

  • Has blogging changed me…

Yes, it’s made me more aware of my own habits, strengths and shortcomings. It’s also made me more attuned to help others – when I make a great discovery, I feel like writing about it right-away and sharing it with the world 

  • Advice to fellow bloggers … 

I’m a pretty nascent blogger so I’m not an expert. However, I would say that if you’re thinking about starting a blog, don’t think too much, just go ahead and start it! 

  • Anything else…. 

Love life and it’ll love you back!


I Want The Zen Life