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Tour of England: The Naval Powerhouse, Chatham Historic Dockyard

Visit England’s most historic Naval dockyard from the time of Henry VIII, see a working ropery, climb inside three warships from different era …. continue with us on our Tour of England. Continue reading


Magna Carta, not our most important text?

Relaxing in our hotel room the evening before the next days drive from Ramsgate to Rochester we made an incredible discovery: Rochester Cathedral contains a remarkable book which not only influenced the creation of the Magna Carta, but was written a century before it! The Textus Roffensis is the only existing copy of the first … Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Glow!

Autumnal Glow Leaves glow in the Autumn because of Carotenoids—yellow, orange, and brown pigments that were overshadowed by the green chlorophyll in summer. Glow

Tour of England: Postcard #8 Rochester and The Medway

The 4th day of our South Coast of England Tour finds us in Rochester and Chatham on the banks of The Medway. Today we have two places to visit, Rochester Castle and Rochester Cathedral, both on the banks of the River Medway in this lovely old town of Saxon beginnings. But the Cathedral contains a … Continue reading

Postcard from England: #7 Dover Castle

England’s greatest fortress protects the realm from the white cliffs. Continue reading

Postcard from England: #6 Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings, defining moment in English history. Continue reading

Postcard from England: #5 Chapel Down Vineyard

A visit to an English vineyard, no joke as the sparking wines of Nyetimber, Chapel Down and others beat Champagne in World Wine Awards. Despite Brexit! Continue reading

Postcard from England: #4 Dungeness

The Tour of England continues on England’s desert……. Dungeness. Continue reading

The Two Doctors On Tour: England Inspiration

A review of how our Tour of England began and what’s coming next as we hit a The South Coast of England. Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Scale!

The scale of the Himalayas is overwhelming whether you are standing on a glacier moraine or silhouetted against a mountain backdrop. These two images give some idea of the awesome scale of things in the Solu Kumbhu, Nepal. Continue reading

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