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Forget Paris; visit Occitanie for the real France!

Occitanie-The Region If there is any image that represents the old French Region of Languedoc it’s the fortifications of Carcassonne, dating back to Roman times but later developed in the 13th and 14th Centuries. And now ……. it stands in the centre of the new Region of Occitanie. Never heard of Occitanie? That’s forgivable, because … Continue reading

Coming to a town near you?

Coming to a town near you, or has it already arrived in silence?

A meal without wine?

A social conscience with attitude!

This is a must-read post from Eshu, a resident of Whitehaven, Cumbria, with a massive social conscience and “attitude” to go with it. He writes about the demise of Whitehaven as a town over the past 10 years caused by druggies, paedophiles, crackheads, criminals, and most of all by useless couldn’t-care-less councillors and council workers. … Continue reading

Horizontal wine tastings!

What’s your favourite wine quote or meme?

Thomas Jefferson in Burgundy

Originally posted on L'OCCASION:
There is a phrase in the French language?-?déformation professionnnelle?-?which describes one’s tendency to perceive every situation through the biased eyes of one’s profession. But consider the constant shape-shifting of reality for a man with armloads of professions: inventor, farmer, author, diplomat, ambassador, drafter, architect, teacher, United States President, archaeologist and…

Drink or Hold: Burgundy, Where Parker Got it Wrong

Originally posted on L'OCCASION:
Today we feature a guest post from Gerald (Jerry Clark). Jerry has written for L’occasion in the past, recently with his thoughts on wine as an investment. This month he shares perspective on Burgundy wines, a great fit for our readers between a two-part series on Burgundy.  Jerry has a…

Not all winemakers are equal!

Vigneron, Negociant and Cooperative are all elements of wine terminology that can confuse but are simple to demystify. In fact knowledge of each is often vital to finding the best tasting and buying opportunities because each is a different type of wine producer. • Vigneron; a person who cultivates a vineyard for winemaking and often … Continue reading

Is this the best Chateau in Burgundy!

I love visiting French chateau! Refined homes rather than military fortifications is how they seem to me, and of course they are mostly still in one piece rather than their British counterparts thanks to there having been no French equivalent of Oliver Cromwell. The Loire Valley is full of them, many with water filled moats … Continue reading

Chardonnay, Queen of grapes?

“The pre wine tasting questionnaire from the cruise liner’s sommelier asked us to rate a number of grapes on a scale of 1-5, and bizarrely all of the ladies in our tasting group marked Chardonnay DOWN quite heavily! Undeterred the sommelier said that he would bet money on being able to change their minds but … Continue reading

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