Confessions of a nouveau genealogist

A structure or pattern is now emerging in my new-found genealogy interest, with FOUR strands combining to give me focus and direction. I freely admit that my motivation is more intellectual than emotional, and there’s a cold logic rather than warm excitement, I really couldn’t care less whether I am descended from Isaac Newton or … Continue reading Confessions of a nouveau genealogist


Imaginative Ancestry #4: Shakespeare’s England 1485-1603

The beginning of the reign of Henry Tudor in 1485 did not signal the end of the Medieval period in English history, and nor did William Shakespeare live across the entire span of Tudor monarchs up to the death of Elizabeth in 1603. But like many writers after him, such as Pepys, Boswell, Fielding, Jane … Continue reading Imaginative Ancestry #4: Shakespeare’s England 1485-1603

Buddha on ancestors, twitter ………

"Hello Sid, you found us!" said Dr C as Buddha sat down beside them in the library. "Yes, it took a while since we used to meet in the wine bar and now you spend more time in the library, is this to be our usual meeting place?" "Sure Sid," I said, "we need to … Continue reading Buddha on ancestors, twitter ………

Imaginative Ancestry: 3. Caxton’s England, 1422-1491

My ancestors may not have known William Caxton but they sure as heck were influenced by him, as were all of YOUR ancestors if you live in the English speaking world. His machine did more than just print “things”...... it prepared the way for a new language, literary English, in which multiple dialects were unified … Continue reading Imaginative Ancestry: 3. Caxton’s England, 1422-1491

My great grandfather “like a rolling stone ….”

My DNA results were a bit of a puzzle. Despite showing the bulk of my ancestry originating in the southeast as well as the southwest of England, from census and birth records I appeared to have NONE from the southeast. My mother's line, going back 400, years were all from Cornwall and my father's line … Continue reading My great grandfather “like a rolling stone ….”