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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: #1 “Focus on Raindrops”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus! I have always been fascinated by macro photography since my daughter was very young and we used to crawl around the local woods looking for fungus to snap. A heavy SLR camera fitted with extension rings plus a tripod was dragged through autumn leaves and mud. Nowadays a digital point-and-shoot … Continue reading

Look up with your camera!

A simple post today after a wander around our Cotswolds village pointing my camera upwards. It’s amazing how many photos we take with the camera level in streets and towns when there are many interesting things to see above us. Rooftops, chimneys, tiles, signs, you name it all waiting to be noticed. Here’s a few … Continue reading

What does #Buddha ask when he walks into a Church?

Buddha Walks Into a Church and …. Whenever a Westerner travels to “the East” they are invariably drawn to places of the Buddhist or Hindu religion  whether they are in India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Japan or China. Mostly for photographic opportunity, including the selfie holding up the temple or sitting with the Buddha, but rarely … Continue reading

A walk into the Neolithic

It’s only a short 30min drive from our house to a small but interesting Late Neolithic set of stone circles we had been meaning to visit for some time; Not on as grand a scale as Avebury or Stonehenge, but worth the trip even if it was snowing and the windchill had the temperature at … Continue reading

Local:Winter walks …..continued!

A big advantage of a hard frost is that you don’t get your wellies dirty and are not fast every stride in leg sucking mud across Cotswolds ploughed fields. But the really BIG advantage is from all of the colours and light-shade opportunities there are for photographs and yesterday was perfect. Two hours and four … Continue reading

Local:Another Winter Walk

Rain, mud, mist, can you blame nature for taking a nap? No leaves, flowers, insects, butterflies, ……… But take a walk in the woods and it’s amazing what you can see if you look closely enough and walk slowly enough. Here’s a few things that caught my eye yesterday:  

California dreamer?

“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey” but I’m not dreaming of California! Sometimes a Winter walk can be quite rewarding from a photography viewpoint if we keep our eyes open and really look at the simple things around us.

Local:Favourite Photo 2016 and Medieval Political Correctness

Favourite Photo 2016 and Medieval Political Correctness I suppose its that time of the year when we all look back a little as well as forwards to review the “best bits” of the previous year. So, best overall holiday was in Burgundy, best city visited was Budapest, best winemaker visited, best book read, etc etc. A … Continue reading

Local: The Great Coxwell Tithe Barn

Yet another piece of history not far from our Lechlade village, the magnificent building which is The Great Coxwell Tithe Barn. Built between 1300-1310 AD, it formed part of the Faringdon estate of Cistercian monks granted a royal charter by King John of Magna Carta fame in 1203 AD. William Morris called it “the most … Continue reading

Local: The Corinium Mosaics

  Corinium Dobunnorum was the Romano-British settlement at Cirencester just a short drive of a few miles from our home. Its 2nd-century walls enclosed the 2nd-largest city in Roman Britain. It was the tribal capital of the Dobunii and is usually thought to have been the capital of one of the five British provinces, Britannia … Continue reading

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