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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: #1 “Focus on Raindrops”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus! I have always been fascinated by macro photography since my daughter was very young and we used to crawl around the local woods looking for fungus to snap. A heavy SLR camera fitted with extension rings plus a tripod was dragged through autumn leaves and mud. Nowadays a digital point-and-shoot … Continue reading

Look up with your camera!

A simple post today after a wander around our Cotswolds village pointing my camera upwards. It’s amazing how many photos we take with the camera level in streets and towns when there are many interesting things to see above us. Rooftops, chimneys, tiles, signs, you name it all waiting to be noticed. Here’s a few … Continue reading

What does #Buddha ask when he walks into a Church?

Buddha Walks Into a Church and …. Whenever a Westerner travels to “the East” they are invariably drawn to places of the Buddhist or Hindu religion  whether they are in India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Japan or China. Mostly for photographic opportunity, including the selfie holding up the temple or sitting with the Buddha, but rarely … Continue reading

A walk into the Neolithic

It’s only a short 30min drive from our house to a small but interesting Late Neolithic set of stone circles we had been meaning to visit for some time; Not on as grand a scale as Avebury or Stonehenge, but worth the trip even if it was snowing and the windchill had the temperature at … Continue reading

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