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This Transient Life: WordPress Photo Challenge

We live in a state of impermanence, accept it, embrace it, and be in harmony with reality. Continue reading

Two Doctors Walk into the Sunset #3: Telling an existentialist joke!

Growing old gracefully with positive reflection is essential to personal fulfilment, rather than being a member of the Forever Young Brigade. Continue reading

Two Doctors walk into a bar #2: Reflecting on negative reflections!

Positive reflections in old age are an important part of personal fulfilment. Existentialism and Epicureanism are ready made concepts to guide you into it, unless you are part of the Forever Young Brigade! Continue reading

Two Doctors walk into a bar: #1 Thinking about personal inspiration

Have you ever stopped to think about who or what has been a significant source of inspiration in your life? A little reflection can reveal small things that may have affected the whole of your life. Here’s one of our sources of inspiration. Continue reading

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