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WordPress Photo Challenge; The Ultimate Experimental …..

How do you choose the best beer to drink in a Prague beer bar? With an experimental tasting of 5 or more beers under strict laboratory conditions of course! Posted from our cruise ship somewhere in the Mediterranean! Experimental Advertisements

WordPress Photo Challenge: As temporary as a Stinkhorn!

A walk through our local woods is a macro photographer’s delight at this time of year with its abundance of fungi, mostly inedible, all temporary. None is more temporary than a typical Stinkhorn which 24 hours later has degraded into a black inky seething mass. A perfect example of one of the four Buddhist Noble … Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: A Peek into Anglo Saxon law and the American Constitution.

As I climbed the inner and outer stairs of Rochester Castle I caught a PEEK of Rochester Cathedral, a holy site with a secret, a document older than the Magna Carta, a document upon which the Magna Carta was based as well as the constitution of the United States of America! Textus Roffensis is housed … Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Rounded …… in Oxford #2

Oxford Museum of Natural History is my venue for a second photo in this weeks Photo Challenge. It’s internal roof structure is a magnificent lattice of straight cast iron girders, occasionally interrupted by ….. a circle! Why, I have no idea, but it looks good and must have a purpose. Rounded

WordPress Photo Challenge: Rounded …… in Oxford

I took this photo a while back in Oxford of the rounded Radcliffe Camera building, designed by James Gibbs to house the Radcliffe Science Library of the University in 1737. I couldn’t resist a photo splash effect with the student and her bike against a monochrome background on a quiet morning before the crowds of … Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Glow!

Autumnal Glow Leaves glow in the Autumn because of Carotenoids—yellow, orange, and brown pigments that were overshadowed by the green chlorophyll in summer. Glow

WordPress Photo Challenge: Scale!

The scale of the Himalayas is overwhelming whether you are standing on a glacier moraine or silhouetted against a mountain backdrop. These two images give some idea of the awesome scale of things in the Solu Kumbhu, Nepal. Continue reading

Autumn arrives “despite” Brexit.

Despite Brexit is a much abused and overused phrase, especially by the BBC and despite them being a BRITISH taxpayer funded organisation. We breath a huge sigh of relief as Autumn arrives …….. despite Brexit! Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

A Pedestrian Bridge for Pedestrian Times This ancient Packhorse bridge at Wasdale Head, Cumbria, UK, dates back at least 200 years but may be older as there has been a church established here (St Olaf’s) since Saxon times. It is a pedestrian bridge from more pedestrian times, used by smugglers as well as farmers moving … Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Layered …… in time

Ostia Antica-Layered in time  The ancient, abandoned city of Ostia Antica, once the sea port of ancient Rome is like a time capsule. Multi-layered archaelogically, possibly first settled in 7th Century BC, oldest remains dating back to 4th Century BC, sacked by pirates in 68 BC and rebuilt by Cicero. In 113 AD silting of … Continue reading


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