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Photo Challenge: Bridge-small and frightening!

The Bridge: Small and frightening! I have stood on many bridges around the world, brick, metal, glass, in cities, national parks, road, railway and rivers. But until I stood on this bridge in the Nepal Himalaya I had never felt so insignificant as a human being. The volume and roar of the water, the size … Continue reading

Photo Challenge: “Life is one big Delta”

Life is just a bowl of “Deltas”, physical, psychological and spiritual impermanence. Live with it! Continue reading

This Transient Life: WordPress Photo Challenge

We live in a state of impermanence, accept it, embrace it, and be in harmony with reality. Continue reading

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: #1 “Focus on Raindrops”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus! I have always been fascinated by macro photography since my daughter was very young and we used to crawl around the local woods looking for fungus to snap. A heavy SLR camera fitted with extension rings plus a tripod was dragged through autumn leaves and mud. Nowadays a digital point-and-shoot … Continue reading

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