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WordPress Photo Challenge: Layered …… in time

Ostia Antica-Layered in time  The ancient, abandoned city of Ostia Antica, once the sea port of ancient Rome is like a time capsule. Multi-layered archaelogically, possibly first settled in 7th Century BC, oldest remains dating back to 4th Century BC, sacked by pirates in 68 BC and rebuilt by Cicero. In 113 AD silting of … Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Waiting ….. for the mountain!

Waiting for the mountain…. A great deal of mountaineering is about waiting, especially in the Himalaya; waiting for the right weather, waiting for your body to acclimatise, waiting for your turn on the rope and ….. waiting until the mountain is ready for you to take that final step onto the summit.  Waiting for your … Continue reading

Getting up close with Nature: anticipating autumn!

Summer is drawing to a close and we’re looking forward to our favourite season, 🍂 Autumn, a great time for macro photography of leaves, mosses, fungus, seeds ……. all so small that most people don’t even notice them. In anticipation of what’s to come here’s a few photos from our summer plus last autumn around our … Continue reading

Photo Challenge: A Corner in Time!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge; Corner My mind was transported 100 years into the past as it followed this automobile around the corner of a recreated Glasgow street in the wonderful Museum of Transport. Corner

Photo Challenge: Bridge-small and frightening!

The Bridge: Small and frightening! I have stood on many bridges around the world, brick, metal, glass, in cities, national parks, road, railway and rivers. But until I stood on this bridge in the Nepal Himalaya I had never felt so insignificant as a human being. The volume and roar of the water, the size … Continue reading

Photo Challenge: “Life is one big Delta”

Life is just a bowl of “Deltas”, physical, psychological and spiritual impermanence. Live with it! Continue reading

This Transient Life: WordPress Photo Challenge

We live in a state of impermanence, accept it, embrace it, and be in harmony with reality. Continue reading

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: #1 “Focus on Raindrops”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus! I have always been fascinated by macro photography since my daughter was very young and we used to crawl around the local woods looking for fungus to snap. A heavy SLR camera fitted with extension rings plus a tripod was dragged through autumn leaves and mud. Nowadays a digital point-and-shoot … Continue reading

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