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Is this the most obnoxious image …… ever?

Drunkard Juncker embraces War Criminal Blair! If there is a single image that should incite every Brit to get behind the UK’s Brexit negotiations it’s this one. The unelected Juncker embraces and welcomes Britains most hated politician Tony Blair while our team tries to get us the best deal. Advertisements

“Religion is poison”: Book review!

“Religion is poison”? The title of this post is a quote, but do you know who said it and to whom? It wasn’t Richard Dawkins, though judging by the bad press he often gets and the “no platform” action against him it’s a wonder he doesn’t constantly shout it out loud. It’s now 11 years … Continue reading

A social conscience with attitude!

This is a must-read post from Eshu, a resident of Whitehaven, Cumbria, with a massive social conscience and “attitude” to go with it. He writes about the demise of Whitehaven as a town over the past 10 years caused by druggies, paedophiles, crackheads, criminals, and most of all by useless couldn’t-care-less councillors and council workers. … Continue reading


Imagine a world in which a nation’s Government policy, after a democratic election, is influenced by: Street protests led by defeated party militants Self interest protest groups such as gays, lesbians, feminists, greens Social media attacks incessantly on Twitter, Facebook etc against the majority party or government Mainstream Media who are overwhelmingly biased and anti … Continue reading

UK government funds anti-EU propaganda centres!

Sorry, I mistyped the headline. It should have read as: EU offers €48,000 to host EU propaganda centres in UK during Brexit process In other words the EU are using European taxpayers money to help fund organisations and centres to promote the EU and remaining in it in our own country during the Brexit negotiations! … Continue reading

Latest UK election news! Corbyn is officially a nutcase!

Some facts about the man that 40% of you voted for, who thinks getting 56 seats less that the Conservatives is a victory, and who intends to vote down the Queens speech on the government agenda. A totalitarian Marxist nutcase! Invited two IRA members to parliament two weeks after the Brighton bombing.Attended Bloody Sunday commemoration … Continue reading

The UK is on the verge of war ….. let’s have a General Election!

This general election is about our country’s survival faced with attacks from all sides. Vote for who will face down the marxists and bullies of Europe Continue reading

Do some social media drive you crazy?

What are the top social media apps, what are your favourites and would they also be the most popular social media apps? I’m going to be short and sweet about this (or maybe short and sour)! Before I start, let’s be clear, I am no oldster who has no idea about technology; I run laptops … Continue reading

BBC no longer trusted by British people.

For some time now since the decision by the British people to LEAVE the European Union it has been extremely difficult to find any positive, or even balanced reporting, about the consequences, process, or the actual negotiations about Brexit. You have to search really hard to find facts about the growth in employment, the meteoric … Continue reading

Postcard from America #8 Surrealism in Vegas!

Surrealism in Vegas! This has to be the most surreal place we have ever visited, like a virtual reality city where you enter a Hotel-Casino to be transported to another place, another time. In a group of around 30 seasoned travellers on a Trans USA rail trip it seems that not one person has any … Continue reading

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