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Coming to a town near you?

Coming to a town near you, or has it already arrived in silence? Advertisements

A social conscience with attitude!

This is a must-read post from Eshu, a resident of Whitehaven, Cumbria, with a massive social conscience and “attitude” to go with it. He writes about the demise of Whitehaven as a town over the past 10 years caused by druggies, paedophiles, crackheads, criminals, and most of all by useless couldn’t-care-less councillors and council workers. … Continue reading

Thomas Jefferson in Burgundy

Originally posted on L'OCCASION:
There is a phrase in the French language?-?déformation professionnnelle?-?which describes one’s tendency to perceive every situation through the biased eyes of one’s profession. But consider the constant shape-shifting of reality for a man with armloads of professions: inventor, farmer, author, diplomat, ambassador, drafter, architect, teacher, United States President, archaeologist and…

Drink or Hold: Burgundy, Where Parker Got it Wrong

Originally posted on L'OCCASION:
Today we feature a guest post from Gerald (Jerry Clark). Jerry has written for L’occasion in the past, recently with his thoughts on wine as an investment. This month he shares perspective on Burgundy wines, a great fit for our readers between a two-part series on Burgundy.  Jerry has a…

L’Etape Du Tour 2017: the ride of our dreams filled with emotion and memory

Originally posted on The Year of Sharon :
It’s THE day we have been training for! With a 5am alarm and only about 4 hours of sleep, it really felt like an Alpine start! Excitement and fear had kicked in as soon as I opened my eyes with a huge wave of nausea, but there was…

Inspired by an Olympian! 

Originally posted on The Year of Sharon :
This mornings briefing was very informative for tomorrow’s event … BUT… I was totally star struck by the opportunity to meet Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE with our tour party! I can’t actually remember much from the briefing but I’ll treasure this photo of the 3 of us!? This…

It’s the final countdown!

Originally posted on The Year of Sharon :
The Alps just cannot be mistaken with its dramatic landscape and the look and feel of the stunning Alpine villages. We are definitely in the Alps!!? We’ve now registered and have our official race numbers, it couldn’t be more exciting! With just 24 hours left until we start,…

Joe: How a Homeless Man Changed My Life

Originally posted on Adventures of a Busy Mom:
Transient One thing Hawaii doesn’t advertise about in its travel brochures is the over abundance of “homeless” people. I was shocked when we stepped off of the plane and headed towards Waikiki and saw tents lining the streets. This was NOT the “paradise” you see on the…

How to make the bullet journal work for you

Originally posted on I want the Zen Life:
As some of you might be aware, I started using a bullet journal a few weeks ago. During the first week, I had mixed feelings about it, and I almost gave up on it last week. And, then it occurred to me. I was more concerned about…

It was hot, it was hard…

Originally posted on The Year of Sharon :
…It was hot and it was hard! I’m gonna give you the headline news straight away… we just did a 100 mile sportive!!! 100 miles!! 😂👍😜😲🤤😬🤔🤣 At the beginning of this year we still hadn’t covered 50 miles in one ride and now we’ve done 100.? I’m pretty…

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