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The Blog Seat #2 Roaming The Roads with Dave and Silvana.

This week’s Blog Seat is occupied by Dave and Silvana who write on their blog, Roaming The Roads, a travel blog mostly full of guide articles that are well written, practical, interesting, and sometimes a bit weird. For example, “how much it costs to travel to Thailand” I’d put in the practical category, but “…the … Continue reading

The Blog Seat #1 Pradita Kapahi

Pradita Kapahi-Pradita’s Chronicles This is the first in what I hope will be a series of interviews with outstanding Bloggers, people we follow and read regularly, and people who have “something to say” and thepraditachronicles is a blog with articles, stories, poems, opinions and issues all of which entertain us and make us think. Pradita … Continue reading

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