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Travel thought for the day: #1 Put your camera down!

Too often we don’t fully experience our surroundings when we travel because we view much of it through the lens of our cameras. Use the wide angle of your own eyes more! Continue reading

An American Tourist Guide To England

The perfect itinerary for an American tourist in England, a time travel from Neolithic to Roman, Medieval and present day. Continue reading

Top tips for being a mindful traveller

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness. It’s a pretty straightforward word. It suggests that the mind is fully attending to what’s happening, to what you’re doing, to the space you’re moving through. That might seem trivial, except for the annoying fact that we so often veer from the matter at hand. Our mind takes flight, we lose … Continue reading

From USA Cities to Medieval English Churches

We are exhausted, worn out, drained! The three week Trans USA rail journey is to blame, a whirlwind of cities, national parks, hotels, trains, buses, rivers, architecture has taken its toll on us physically and mentally. Time for a period of rest and recuperation before our month in France exploring a few wine regions. Which … Continue reading

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