Tour of England revitalised

Our Tour of England gets underway again today as we head to the extreme north of our little country for Yorkshire and Northumbria. As usual this is NOT a wine trip on this elongated tour, but rather based on Saxon and Medieval history and culture. We will be visiting such iconic places as Rievaulx Abbey, … Continue reading Tour of England revitalised


Place in the World: Mountains, Lakes, Sea, History …. Cumbria, UK

This weeks WordPress Photo Challenge asks us to show our place in the world, somewhere that “pulls us” towards it, a place where we feel comfortable and identify with. I’m a Cumbrian first and foremost, an Englishman second, nothing else! My Place has a wild coastline, the highest mountains and deepest lakes in England, and … Continue reading Place in the World: Mountains, Lakes, Sea, History …. Cumbria, UK

England’s Green and Pleasant Land?

We live in an area of Neolithic and Roman settlements, The Cotswolds Water Park. Not far from our house, 35 years ago a Neolithic burial chamber was unearthed and if we want to develop our property and it requires foundations, a county archaeologist must be present! We still find Roman coins and pottery around local … Continue reading England’s Green and Pleasant Land?

Trees and Teas in a Medieval Forest

Stanton Park, Wiltshire ....... only 7 miles away yet never visited in our 32 years of living at the southern tip of the Cotswolds! A phone call from our daughter led to us meeting there late morning followed by a wonderful slow walk through just a small part of this medieval forest. Marked trails took … Continue reading Trees and Teas in a Medieval Forest