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Burgundy; A photo symphony

Wandering through the villages of Burgundy gives endless opportunities for photography if one is mindful of the smaller things making up the landscape, the architecture, the market, the street. This is a personal selection of images in monochrome. Continue reading

The wine cellars of Burgundy

Combining a wine tasting with a cellar visit in Burgundy, especially in Beaune, is an absolute must for visitors here. It gives you a sense of the history as well as the scale of the wine making operations not only modern day, but also back as far as the 13th Century to the Cistercian Monks. … Continue reading

From wine bluff to wine buff!

A personal story of a personal journey over 50 years tasting wines from Glasgow supermarkets in the 1960s to Premier Cru Pommard in Burgundy. Continue reading

Burgundy: Wine, food, and food with wine!

Says it all really, a small strip of land in France where gastronomy IS the culture, from terroir to vine to bottle, and from farm to market to table ….. you don’t come to Burgundy to see it, you come here to TASTE it! Our arrival today follows on from two of us riding in … Continue reading

L’Etape Du Tour 2017: the ride of our dreams filled with emotion and memory

Originally posted on The Year of Sharon :
It’s THE day we have been training for! With a 5am alarm and only about 4 hours of sleep, it really felt like an Alpine start! Excitement and fear had kicked in as soon as I opened my eyes with a huge wave of nausea, but there was…

Burgundy, anticipation before exploration

What would YOU look to taste, experience, photograph? Three more days in anticipation of pinot noir, chardonnay, boeuf bourgignon, oeufs meurette, epoisses, and that long forgotten grape that is still worth searching for …… Aligote. Remember it? But two of us have already set off, en route for Sunday’s Etape du Tour. Good luck Shaz … Continue reading

Burgundy, the art of the Brasserie.

The words “France” and “culture” definitely go together and nowhere is this more evident than in a typical French brasserie where they have preserved and cared for their traditions. Sadly the English pub was sacrificed long ago on the altar of economic productivity as we replaced wood with plastic, conversation with piped music, and local … Continue reading

Burgundy, culture et la gastronomie!

La Brasserie Great anticipation of our upcoming holiday. Time to embark on our travels again leaving behind the toxic environment of anti Brexit, media bias, self serving politicians, arrogant celebrities, protester violence ….. A month of gastronomic indulgence in Burgundy should sort us out! Here’s a reminder of urban brasserie culture from 2016: Serveur et … Continue reading

Travel: The Two Doctors “Best winemaker awards 2016”

A few of our followers are wine enthusiasts so it seems appropriate to write a review of our best wine experiences of 2016. This year we have visited Spain three times, Italy once, Prague and Hungary once, and France twice, all great European wine countries with just about every type of grape on the planet … Continue reading

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