Two Doctors

img_0015One of us a psychologist (Dr B) and one of us a scientist/teacher (Dr C), now both retired. We studied together, graduated together, raised a family together, ran a UK/Nepal Educational charity together. One of us is from Cumbria, one of us is from Kathmandu AND was the first woman from Nepal to get a PhD (1971!).

For several years we have travelled the world together in a mindful way exploring culture, architecture, museums, galleries, wine ……. But now with old age and health issues creeping up on us, much of our travel is “in the mind”! Our blog has morphed again and is now focused on personal ancestry and related history, mostly of Dr B because of his English heritage rather than Dr C and her obscure Nepalese heritage. Not many census and birth certificates in Kathmandu! Personal stuff will be in “private” posts but where we write of relevant historical stuff this will be in “public” posts and will include Cornwall, Devon, tin mining, Cumbria, iron ore mining, and the family names Waters and Metters. If you think you’re connected just contact us on the Two Doctors tab above.!

So, we have revamped our site and its focus, but kept our old posts relating to non-ancestry tales of Wine, Philosophy, Politics, Travel, and of course of 10 years attempting to develop the primary education system in Nepal. All of the posts in these categories can be viewed too. If you’d like to contact us please use the form below, we WILL reply.