It’s Buddha’s birthday ……. 3 times over!

Today is Buddha’s birthday, May 18th, or Baisakh full moon in Nepal’s calendar, together with the anniversary of his enlightenment and of his death. In Kathmandu almost every single person will be visiting temples, monasteries and shrines to celebrate. We have experienced such a day in Nepal as we walked to the top of the … Continue reading It’s Buddha’s birthday ……. 3 times over!


The Buddha walks into a bar and discusses “happiness” …….

“I don’t think I have ever sensed a national population so unhappy, so angry, so divided, so disturbed even, as how your country appears today” said Sid (Buddha to most other folks) “Yes Sid, but, with respect, your perception is not so enlightening because the unhappiness is so tangible everywhere, at work, in shops, on … Continue reading The Buddha walks into a bar and discusses “happiness” …….

Family History: GenTravelling around Cornwall.

As this post is published we will be travelling into deepest Cornwall, not on a tourist jaunt, but as “Gentravellers” exploring five generations of the Waters family, Dr B’s maternal ancestors. In one week we have five questions to answer: Between 1783 and 1881 what caused the family to move from Gwennap to Goonvrea to … Continue reading Family History: GenTravelling around Cornwall.

Buddha on ancestors, twitter ………

"Hello Sid, you found us!" said Dr C as Buddha sat down beside them in the library. "Yes, it took a while since we used to meet in the wine bar and now you spend more time in the library, is this to be our usual meeting place?" "Sure Sid," I said, "we need to … Continue reading Buddha on ancestors, twitter ………

My great grandfather “like a rolling stone ….”

My DNA results were a bit of a puzzle. Despite showing the bulk of my ancestry originating in the southeast as well as the southwest of England, from census and birth records I appeared to have NONE from the southeast. My mother's line, going back 400, years were all from Cornwall and my father's line … Continue reading My great grandfather “like a rolling stone ….”