Wines 101 #4 Wife snaps while I drink wine!

Wine tasting my way through a Wines 101 Bucket List has become an exercise in logistics, decision making, communication and relationship building! I naively thought that the reclusive nature of old world winemakers in France had disappeared, but it hasn’t, far from it as I discovered in Chablis, Sancerre, and now in Chinon. I have … Continue reading Wines 101 #4 Wife snaps while I drink wine!


Chateau Saumur … a love-hate experience!

French Chateau, love ‘em on the outside, hate ‘em on the inside! Soulless, bereft of character, mostly empty or with a few artefacts as an afterthought! Here’s a simple comparison before I move on, Dover Castle, Kent, England. No words necessary, just see how they have painstakingly restored the splendid grandeur of some of the … Continue reading Chateau Saumur … a love-hate experience!

Is this a wine for women! Postcard from Savennierres

Domaine du Closel, Savennierres, has been run by a female winemaker for 5 generations. Wonderful expression of Chenin Blanc at its best with Evelyne de Pontbriande, current owner/winemaker, who couldn't stop laughing at my joke question, "is this a wine for women?" Full tasting report next week.

It’s not about the wine! Postcard from Loire, France

Our travels renewed, some will be pleased to hear, as we arrive at Fontevraud L'Abbeye for a few days. The fact that the whole area is filled with plantings of Cabernet Franc, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc is a complete coincidence as we only come here so Dr C can spend every day shopping in … Continue reading It’s not about the wine! Postcard from Loire, France

Wine tasting at France’s oldest wine cooperative

I’m a really big fan of Wine Cooperatives; wine tasting which is relaxed, in a friendly and professional atmosphere, unpressurised, always in English, and always free. I’ve written about them before (In praise of Wine Cooperatives) with some of my favourites being in Beaune, Buxy/Montagny, Bourgueil, Montbazillac, Turckheim, Chablis, and ...... Ribeauvillé. "The vineyards of … Continue reading Wine tasting at France’s oldest wine cooperative