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Don’t go searching too far…

Originally posted on I want the Zen Life:
  I keep reading these articles on how we should shun foreign destinations because there are so many beautiful places we can visit closer to home. I didn’t realize this would turn out to be so true for me this Friday evening. I came across this quaint…

Travel thought for the day: #1 Put your camera down!

Too often we don’t fully experience our surroundings when we travel because we view much of it through the lens of our cameras. Use the wide angle of your own eyes more! Continue reading

Travels in Spain. Tiles of Valencia

Originally posted on Have Bag, Will Travel:
If I was recommending a city in Spain for tile and ceramics I would suggest Talavera de la Reina. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Talavera achieved great recognition, thanks to its ceramics. Wonderful pieces of pottery and Talavera tiles are found in the main museums all over the world…

The Blog Seat #2 Roaming The Roads with Dave and Silvana.

This week’s Blog Seat is occupied by Dave and Silvana who write on their blog, Roaming The Roads, a travel blog mostly full of guide articles that are well written, practical, interesting, and sometimes a bit weird. For example, “how much it costs to travel to Thailand” I’d put in the practical category, but “…the … Continue reading

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